Advisory Board

martha zaslowMartha Zaslow, Ph.D. is a developmental psychologist. She is Director of the Office for Policy and Communications of the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) and a Senior Scholar at Child Trends. As Director of the SRCD Office for Policy and Communications, Dr. Zaslow facilitates the dissemination of research to decision- makers and the broader public through briefings, research briefs, and press releases focusing on research published in Child Development, SRCD’s peer reviewed journal. She also monitors and keeps the SRCD membership apprised of social policy and science policy developments related to children and families.

She works with the SRCD Policy Fellows who have placements in the Executive Branch or Congress. She is also currently serving as a mentor for a Head Start Fellow. As a Senior Scholar at Child Trends, Dr. Zaslow conducts research focusing on the development of young children and programs and policies to support their development. Dr. Zaslow serves on the Advisory Council for the Child Care and Early Education Research Connections website and was part of the planning committee for Head Start’s Tenth National Research Meeting. She recently served on the Committee on Developmental Outcomes and Assessments of Young Children of the National Academies of Science.